Bikes Against Bush Orginizer Arrested

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A post on an indymedia website says activist Joshua Kinberg — inventor of a wireless, bike-mounted, dot-matrix printer for spraying protest messages in the street — was arrested yesterday at the RNC in NYC. At the time, he was reportedly being interviewed by Ron Reagan, covering the convention for MNSBC.

Kinberg’s invention allows users to spray messages transmitted to the bike-printer by way of the ‘Net or SMS. They’re painted in a water-soluble chalk solution that washes away with water (not spray-paint, as misreported elsewhere). Link to indymedia post, Link to previous BB post about Bikes Against Bush, Link to August 02 Wired News story with background on Kinberg’s invention, Link to yesterday’s NYT piece on Bikes Against Bush, and link to a torrent identified as video coverage of the incident, via DV Guide. (Thanks, Patricia and el norm)

I think I saw this device at Ars Electronica a few years ago. I have a feeling that at the time it wasn’t mounted on a bike. I remember thinking, “What a cool idea. I wonder if it will ever be used for something useful.” I love it when political art projects/proposals get put into real world action. It’s too bad that they confiscated the bike before it was used “in the wild.” I wonder whether this bogus arrest will end up getting this project more press than if they hadn’t arrested him…

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