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License Copyright Paranoia

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Matthew Thomas » Why I can’t use GMail

Giulio, that’s for you

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DTD Mapper

Broken Engagement

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Self-Hosting-Bloggers should bookmark this

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Blog Software Breakdown


Jarrett House North :

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Why RSS is succeeding where CDF failed:

The Web is much more XML friendly than it was in 1997; every current operating system and browser groks XML at least at a fundamental level.

Correct. Download My Banners!

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Great banners by

'Four more years' banner by

'Support Terrorism' banner by

Go and download the others, you liberal commie scum.


Usual late-night geek post

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Today I’ve fixed the redirection scripts, so all links to previous posts and feeds from the old domain should be cleanly redirected to the new URLs. Geeky stuff following.

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the whiny Winer is actually a fat bastard

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Dave Winer, 14/05/2004:

Yesterday we saw people complain about spending $60 for a big useful piece of software like Movable Type. I paid $60 for a cab ride in Geneva. A good dinner is $100. A hotel room $150.

That’s the man that talks about revolutions and communities and the people.

Voices from the past

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Just when I was thinking “who knows what the old Milan geek crew is doing right now”, the almighty Katakkio stopped his Counter-Strike bots and… well, it’s been a great surprise 🙂 And now I’m starting to remember Marco’s surname, and Cesare M’s ponytail, and Cesare I’s encyclopaedical VB knowledge, and La Brocca…

When people ask me “will you go back, one day?”, i keep saying that I’d rather not to; but in case, I wouldn’t go anywhere else than Milan.


I’m now officially PGP-enabled 🙂

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I was reinstalling a couple of Mozilla extensions, when I stumbled on Enigmail and I thought “Hell, it’s ages that I want to try PGP, let’s give it a go…”

PGP is a common cryptographic tool that basically enables the exchange of encrypted (or simply signed) files and emails. If you want to know more about PGP and how to enable its usage on your pc, there’s a wonderful Yahoo!Group called PGP-Basics that does a wonderful job for crypto-newbies like myself.

For those interested in enabling PGP with Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird, I’ve put together a (very) quick howto.

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yet another web meme…

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I’m a generally unfuckwitted, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, relatively well adjusted human being.
Rum and Monkey says so. If you’ve nothing better to do, See how compatible you are with me. Oh, and bring a beer.

Even codemonkeys dream at day

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I’m going back to web plumbing. A colleague asked me to put together a website for his laptop-selling business, and I’ve basically said yes if he can pay me with a new laptop (that I badly need). I’m trying to finish the stuff for Carlo, that he’s waiting since, uh, november. And I’m hacking my blog, that still needs work to completely migrate from the old url and engine; I’ve imported the old entries, but there are problems to be fixed and sql statements to be written and clean redirection scripts to be coded. And then there’s BakerStreet Systems, that is slowly growing to be a decent site. And the random hacks I bang together at work, like the one for webjay and the one for mp3’s ID tags. And the stuff for Nicola, and the stuff with Irene, and some help here and some help there, and oh, an 8-to-5 job too, where the people in charge are so happy about me that they’re giving me more stuff to do (for the same money, of course), and a new flatmate that’s nowhere to be found, and a cash flow so ridiculous that not even an african dictator in exile would be interested in stealing from me.

But, you say, the weather is fantastic. Manchester seems a dream, that nordic full light on a clean sky, and warm enough not to sweat and not to fear the cold. And you’d sit at your table in Gaythorn all day long, or you’d have a barbecue in your garden with friends and children, and you’d think the life is just that: air, light, love.


Mozilla 1.7 RC 2

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Seeing that there’s a new Mozilla Release Candidate around, I’ve decided to make a long-awaited upgrade of the venerable 1.5 version running on this poor laptop. I’ve lost a few extensions in the process (and the Extension Room is not working today), but all in all the process went smoothly, and I didn’t even have to recover the profile saved with Mozilla Backup. The new Seamonkey feels so…quick, I’m very happy. I’m going to upgrade jEdit as well, but I’ll wait the next stable release for that.

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It’s a couple of days that fafnir’s blog is so great, you have to check it out.

Webjay hack

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Given that webjay still can’t directly import playlists without going through a URL, I’ve coded together a quick hack to circumvent this. Basically, the script goes through the uploaded M3U, retrieves the songs’ URL, and puts together an html file that WJ’s scraper can reach. Cache management is basic: the generated file will be deleted after an hour, via a cron job running a “cleaning” script.

If you want to test it, start here. The script involves some “directory juggling” that I could not be bothered to manage with parameters, so I’m not sure it’s worth to fix that problem in order to release the script; webjay should implement the feature soon anyway. If you are interested in the technical details, read on…

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Great memo

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Science the Endless Frontier via Sterling


Do music singles still exist?

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Of course they do: Dark Beloved Cloud:

You can get a six-disc subscription to the dbc singles club by sending us your name, your address, and six hand-decorated 3″ x 3″ cards. They will, in turn, become the “cover artwork” for six other subscribers’ singles



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Once started… I was tinkering with the idea of some hacks for WebJay, especially an “Import M3U playlist” that is badly needed (IMHO) and is quite easy. Anyway, I thought “why not feeding WebJay with the info contained in the ID3 tags?”. A quick googling, and I ended up with a fairly good class that I could adapt for my needs. The main problem was: it did not support remote files. Now it does 🙂 for what it’s possible (that is, read-only), but unfortunately is quite network-intensive, because each file needs to be stored locally for the tags to be read, so it’s probably not good for a whole playlist. Anyway, this is the modified class (right-click, save as), feel free to do what you want with it 🙂

Tigri in Brasile?

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Calvin & Hobbes goes Brasilian(via menina)

Geeky night

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